Freediving Meditation Course

Discover the Beauty of Freediving and Meditation

Freediving is known to be an extreme sport, but on the other hand it can also be a relaxing and beautiful discipline focusing on one’s well-being.

Freediving Master Bastien Soleil, has developed a brand new learning technique which focuses on personal wellbeing through aquatic sensations. An underwater exercise that is accessible to anyone.

In the beautiful and serene waters of Raffles Maldives Meradhoo, Bastien will be your guide to an extraordinary and unique connection to water itself. This course is suited for all levels of divers, no matter how familiar you are with the ocean. It provides an easy yet a breathtaking journey into a whole new world underwater to rediscover oneself.

Experience this once is a lifetime opportunity available only at Raffles Maldives Meradhoo, starting from the  1st February onwards until the 28th February, 2022.


During your first day, you will discover breathing and relaxation methods. You will learn how to make your dive safe, easy and comfortable. Bastien will accompany you at all times regardless of depth, to give you the confidence and security to explore freely.

Learning objectives :

  • Prepare your dives by using conscious breathing and relaxation techniques.
  • Start practicing equalization.
  • Train your first breath-holds.


After your first day dedicated to the first connection with water, Bastien will help you to become more comfortable in the open water.

Learning objectives :

  • Refine your breath-up technique.
  • Become familiar with the Mammalian Dive Response.
  • Practice 2 disciplines: Free Immersion and Constant Weight.
  • Train your “duck-dive”.


The first day is dedicated to establishing a connection with yourself and nature itself, the second to the improvement of your relaxation and technique, during the third day, you will start to let yourself in water with great confidence.

Learning objectives :

  • Understand the effects of depth and pressure on the human body.
  • Improve your Free Immersion / Constant Weight.
  • Experience new sensations, and appreciate your progress

For more information on the Freediving Meditation Course, please click the link here. For bookings please contact reservations at reservations.maldives@raffles.com or +960 682 8800.

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