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Raffles Maldives Meradhoo - Journey to Emotional Well-Being

Journey to Emotional Well-Being

Experience an integrative body work, sound healing and mind training with Dr. Buathon Thienarrom, a holistic practitioner from Thailand with an intensive knowledge in alternative medicine, Taoist practice and Tibetan medicine. She have shared her healing practice to various celebrities and a frequent visiting practitioner to several well-known luxury retreats around the world.

With her degree in Nursing, Psychology and doctorate in Sociology of Health, Dr. Buathon created ZenNaTai, a holistic healing along with abdominal detox that allows the body to release tension, generate chi flow and a peaceful mind.

Dr. Buathon’s signature healing also includes, Mind Transformation, Himalayan sound therapy, and a 5-day program Sleep Enhancement.

Maintaining life’s balance

You will find a high-quality, well-equipped fitness center in our spa. Our Life fitness® provides spacious, customized, wellness areas and supplies fitness facilities to meet all your needs.

In addition, our garden jogging track, outdoor pool and clean, calm lagoon offer environments in which to keep up your regular fitness routine in the fresh, open air.

The ultimate yoga retreat

Whether practising yoga at sunrise on the spa deck overlooking the water or at sunset on the soft white sand, you will find it easy to unite breathing, meditation and movement to enhance your overall sense of mindfulness, health and wellbeing. As a beginner or an experienced practitioner, you will increase flexibility, decrease stress levels, and energise and restore your mind.

If a private session is your preference, our instructor can come to your villa to guide you through Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Pranayama or meditation. Or for romantic candlelit couple’s yoga. They are also qualified to offer prenatal and children’s yoga.

An overwater wellness sanctuary

Its development inspired by the lotus flower – a symbolic of revitalisation and raw natural strength – our overwater Raffles Spa pays thoughtful tribute to the therapeutic power of nature.

Administered by skilled and intuitive therapists, each treatment is personalised to take you on a sensory journey. Products are luxurious yet sustainable. Techniques are infused with traditional Maldivian practices. The spa itself is a serene space, designed within the principles of Feng Shui to encourage your energy to flow freely.

Whether you take a Raffles Spa Journey to experience inner and outer transformation or choose a treatment to enhance your natural beauty, you will feel the benefit that only emotional wellbeing can bring. And if you would prefer to experience our spa treatments in the comfort of your villa, our therapists will come to you.